When Does Peeking Invade Privacy?

computer keyboard
(via J.Franganillo)

Hulu, an online purveyor of hit TV shows and classics, and Kissmetrics, an internet use analysis outfit, were on the receiving end of a privacy class action lawsuit in Oakland, California last week.

The lawsuit by Joseph Garvey of Kings County, New York, claims that even though the privacy filters on his computer were set to prevent monitoring of the programs he watched, Hulu and Kissmetrics gathered information and passed it on to third parties such as Scorecard Research, Facebook, DoubleClick and Google Analytics.

The suit by Scott Kamber of Kamberlaw in New York, is one of a series of similar online privacy lawsuits that accuses companies of misusing Flash cookies to track users online habits.

That tracking allegedly violates the federal Video Privacy Protection Act, and California’s Computer Crime Law, trespass and state unfair competition law.

Case:  Garvey v. Kissmetrics, No. 11-cv-3764LB (N.Dist. of Calif.)

Photo: Jorge Franganillo

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