All Male Clean Team, Please

EEOC logoOh sure, a woman can clean the house but can she do it professionally?  The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission sued Oakland Crime Scene Cleaners for alleged sex discrimination in hiring.

The lawsuit accuses Crime Scene Cleaners of being more interested in job applicant Kristi Nunez’ marriage than in her qualifications for work. 

During a phone interview about a position the interviewer “asked questions which indicated that her gender was a significant factor in Defendant’s hiring decision,” according to the lawsuit.  And that included  “how comfortable she would be working with ‘all men’ if she was married, and if she had a jealous husband,” the suit states. 

Although she was qualified for the job, a man was hired instead, according to the EEOC.

David Miller, a lawyer for Crime Scene Cleaners, denies they ever interviewed Nunez for a job, according to the SF Chronicle report.

Case:  EEOC v. Crime Scene Cleaners, Inc.,  No. C11-4269MEJ

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