Lights, Camera, Action

9th Circuit CourthouseIf you want to watch oral arguments before the 9th Circuit appeals court on any one of seven significant cases next week, but don’t live in San Francisco, the court offers remote viewing on closed-circuit in three other cities.

The court will offer real-time viewing of the the hearings in the federal courthouses in Pasadena, Portland, Oregon and Seattle.

The cases will be before 11-judge panels, known as en banc rehearings, and are relatively rare for the court.  They usually hear only 20 a year, out of thousands of appeals.  A majority of the entire 25-judge court must approve an en banc rehearing of decisions by three-judge panels.

The cases heard between Dec. 12 and 15 include a challenge to mining operations in a national forest; a challenge to administration of veterans’ benefits and medical care; appeal of a class action involving Armenian Genocide victims and alleged retaliation against journalists in Phoenix for critical stories of the local sheriff, Joseph Arpaio.

 For a complete schedule and brief description of the cases, check here.

If you can’t attend one of the closed circuit sessions it is also possible to listen to video and audio recordings of the hearings on the court’s website.  But those may be delayed for at least a day after the hearing.

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