No Socks, No Case

Judge Richard Kramer

Judges sometimes say pretty silly stuff between cases.  San Francisco Superior Court Judge Richard Kramer is no exception. 

While wrapping up one case but before calling the next on December 7, Kramer  described the niceties of fashion in court.

Kramer recounted a past brush with undressed lawyers:  “I had some guy sitting at counsel table in a very nice grey suit and tie and no socks.  I told him I could understand forgetting a tie, or a jacket, but how do you forget your socks?”

“’I can’t think with socks on,’ he says,” Kramer explained. 

“I told him we had to reach an accommodation.  You should think of all the things you need to about the case, write them down and then go out in the hall and put on some socks.  Then come back in and read your notes and argue your case,” Kramer told the assembled crowd.

The lawyer responded, ‘That’s a good idea your honor,’ according to the judge.

Kramer shook his head.

“See what you can say when there’s no court reporter in the room.  I’m mostly screwing around up here, but what are you going to do?”

He paused, “Imagine, I get paid for this,” he said and called the next case.

The lawyers in the room were all wearing socks – at least the men.

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