Prison for NY Lawyer’s Theft

A New York lawyer will spend two years in prison after he pleaded guilty in Oakland federal court to transferring more than $1 million from the bank account of a dead friend in Contra Costa County and failing to pay taxes on the money. 

Federal Judge Saundra Armstrong sentenced Igor Purlantov to two years in prison after he admitted adding his name to his dead friend’s HSBC bank account in Geneva and transferring more than $1 million to his own London accounts and then spiriting away the money to his New York account.

The government accused Purlantov of wire fraud and tax evasion  for the transfers that occurred between 2004 and 2005.

As part of his plea deal, he agreed to reimburse the beneficiaries of his friend $1.2 million and pay $293,000 in taxes, according to the U.S. Attorneys office.

 Case:  U.S. v. Purlantov,  No.  CR11-371SBA

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