Feds’ Oakland Round-up, 60 Charged

Melinda Haag, US Attorney
US Attorney Melinda Haag

A four-month undercover operation targeted violent Oakland crime and has produced charges against 60 suspects and the seizure of 92 firearms and a variety of drugs.

Federal agents and Oakland law enforcement announced “Operation Gideon III” Tuesday used undercover agents from around the country to target people involved in violent crime.

The initiative was designed to target and remove violent offenders and “dismantle criminal organizations and robbery crews operating in Oakland,” according to a prepared statement by U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag.

“Over the past several months, ATF agents from around the country have been working alongside dedicated Oakland Police Department officers to identify and remove those people who are plaguing our community with guns and violence,” Haag said.

Haag released a list of 35 separate federal indictments and complaints filed against sixty people.

The charges include conspiracy to possess narcotics with an intent to distribute; attempted possession of narcotics; conspiracy to interfere with interstate commerce; possession of a firearm to further a crime of violence or drug trafficking; felon in possession of a firearm, illegal dealing in firearms and assaulting federal agents.

The statement names 11 federal prosecutors handling the criminal prosecutions.

Of the 60 charged, one has already pled guilty, although the individual was not identified.  In addition to the 92 weapons, the agents seized three kilos of methamphetamine, one kilo of heroin, two kilos of marijuana and a half kilo of crack cocaine.




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