9th Circuit Prints Its Own

9th Circuit CourthouseTo heck with out-sourcing.  The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has taken its expensive opinion publishing process in-house at a potential cost savings of $350,000 in the first full year of printing, according to the court.

(That’s almost enough to pay for one of those judicial conferences that got so much heat this summer from a couple of U.S. senators.)

The court had paid West Publishing to to convert opinions from the original word processing documents to the published on-line versions lawyers are accustomed to reading.

Since early November the court staff has managed the conversion to turn the opinions into Adobe PDF files, then upload them to the court’s website.

Opinions are formatted to accommodate tablet devices as well as desktop and laptop computers.

“The formatting change reflects the growing use of tablet devices by both the bench and bar,” said Clerk of Court Molly C. Dwyer.

In addition, the long case summaries West provided will now be prepared by court staff.  And it is already clear the summaries are much shorter than the West versions.

Court opinion watchers may sign up to get notification of new opinions – usually arriving at 10am most week days – by signing up for the RSS feed here.


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