Bail in China Trade Secrets Theft Case?

A federal judge issued a tentative decision approving bail for a man accused of selling DuPont’s trade secrets to Chinese government-controlled firms.  U.S. District Judge Jeffrey White wants to hear arguments on both sides but appears prepared to release Walter Liew under stringent conditions.

White’s order Friday indicated he is willing to grant Liew release on bond  provided he is limited to home detention with security guards, paid for by Liew, monitoring his conduct, that he wears an electronic monitor and posts as bond the value of a home his wife owns in Singapore.

The government opposes his release and the use of money from his wife’s home as bond.

White said he wants to hear arguments on the extent of authority by the private guards and whether Pretrial Serivces would be able to monitor their work.

Liew and his wife, Christina Liew, were charged in 2011 with witness tampering, conspiracy and lying to authorities in connection with the alleged theft of valuable chemical technology from DuPont.

China’s Pangang Group Co. was accused, along with eight company officials, of conspiring to steal titanium dioxide technology from DuPont Co.  China wanted to develop the titanium process used to create a white pigment used in paint, plastic and paper.

Liew allegedly received over $20 milion in proceeds from the sales of TiO2 technologies to companies in the People’s Republic of China.

Liew allegedly has links to high-ranking Chinese government officials and met in 1991 with Luo Gan, a top official in the Communist Party Central Committee.  Gan went on to become a member of the PRC Politburo.

DuPont developed the technology in the 1940s.

Case:  U.S. v. Liew, No. 11-CR-573JSW

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