Brown Names Seligman to Alameda Judgeship

Brad Seligman

Brad Seligman, the attorney who brought the monster gender discrimination lawsuit against Walmart, has been named to the Alameda County Superior Court bench by Gov. Jerry Brown.

Seligman, 61, was one of six new judges named by Brown yesterday, but he is the biggest name to get a court spot.

Seligman founded the nonprofit Impact Fund, which brings civil rights and environmental lawsuits and lead the fight by millions of women who were current or former employees of Walmart.

The case went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court last year, as Walmart sought to have the nationwide class action thrown out as too big, too unwieldy and impossible to represent all of the varied plaintiffs in one case.

The high court sided with Walmart and refused to allow certification of a nationwide class.  The case remains active but greatly diminished as a class action by California Walmart employees, claiming discrimination in job opportunities and promotions based on gender.

Brown’s other appointments include Mark Talamantes, 46, the first Latino appointed to the Marin County bench. He is reported to have opened his law office in the garage of his Marin City home in 1998.  In 2008 he was honored by the California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation for his role in providing access to courts for California’s rural poor.

In addition, Brown appointed Brendan P. Conroy and Braden C. Woods to judgeships in San Francisco County Superior Court.  Conroy has worked as a public defender and Woods came from the District Attorney’s office in San Francisco and earlier worked in the Kern County DA’s office.




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