LinkedIn Wins Dismissal of Class Action

Career networking service LinkedIn Corp. won dismissal of a class action claiming it failed to protect user privacy after hackers infiltrated the online site in 2012 and allegedly posted 6.5 million user passwords online.

U.S. District Judge Edward Davila, in San Jose, tossed the lawsuit Tuesday saying the plaintiff failed to identify an injury, such as the theft of her personal ID information.

Plaintiff Khalilah Wright “merely alleges that her LinkedIn password was ‘publically posted on the Internet June 6, 2012,’” Davila wrote in killing the 2012 lawsuit.

He did leave Wright the opportunity to come back with an amended complaint if she can show she was injured by the hacking.

LinkedIn provides only community for professional networking and has members sign up by providing a valid email address and registration password.

LinkedIn’s privacy policy states that it will provide members protection “with industry standard protocols and technology.”

The class action alleged that the company failed to meet that standard.

Now it’s back to the drafting desk if the plaintiffs want to renew their claims.


Case: In re LinkedIn User Privacy Litigation, No. 12-cv-3088EIJ





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