Judicature Society Honors Egelko’s Career Achievements

Here’s a happy note from the Federal Press room in San Francisco. Bob Egelko, long-time legal affairs reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle and Associated Press, was honored Monday for career achievement by the American Judicature Society.  Bob was recognized with the Society’s Toni House Journalism Award, which honors reporting the enhances public understanding of the courts and contributes to improvements in the administration of justice.

The Society also named a team or reporters for the Philadelphia Inquirer for a series on a flawed criminal justice system in that city called, “Justice Delayed, Dismissed, Denied.”

Bob has been covering the federal and state courts in California for more than three decades, much of it from the press room in the San Francisco federal courts building.  He’s a rock solid reporter and great guy.

It is a well-deserved award and we’re proud of his years of outstanding work.