Lawyer Pleds Guilty in ‘Dirty DUI’ Case

Divorce lawyer Mary Nolan, accused of paying a private investigator to bug the cars of the estranged husbands of the women she represented, pled guilty Friday to illegal evesdropping and tax evasion.

Nolan, along with a former private investigator Christopher Butler, were at the center of a scandal known as the “dirty DUI” case in Contra Costa County, about 30 miles east of San Francisco.

Nolan, 61, of Castro Valley, was accused of using drunken-driving arrests against the men during divorce and custody fights.  But she had been part of a plot to set the men up by hiring women to approach the men in bars, drink with them and ask them to follow them in their car to another location.

Butler would call 911 or a friendly police officer to report the drunken driving.

Butler received 8 years in prison in 2012 and testified against Nolan in a separate criminal trial last month.

Her guilty plea including four counts of  evading over $564,000 in taxes in a four year period that she reported losses in income.  She also pled guilty to a single count of evesdropping.  She negotiated away a single charge of conspiracy.

Nolan is due back in court to be sentenced January 15, 2014.

Case:  U.S. v. Nolan, No. CR12-662CRB

photo source: SFGate




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