Samsung Owes Apple $290 Million

A federal jury in San Jose awarded Apple Inc. $290 million in a patent infringement damages against Samsung Electronics for copying aspects of the iPhone and iPad in 13 older Samsung products.  The verdict Thursday came after a little over two days of deliberation following a one week trial.

This verdict is the latest round in the smartphone war between the world’s two largest smartphone makers.  It adds to existing damage awards against Samsung, giving Apple a total of $930 million.

The eight-member jury Thursday gave Apple less than it asked for and charged Samsung far more than it said it owed.  The trial was purely a question of damages.  An earlier jury had found Samsung liable for infringement and awarded $1.05 billion.

U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh ordered a new damages trial and cut $450 million out of the original award after finding the jurors miscalculated.

Apple argued it was entitled to $380 million, while Samsung said it only owed $52 million.

This dispute centered on 13 older Samsung devices.  Another trial is set for March 2014 to resolve Apple claims that Samsung’s latest products, including the Galaxy S III also used patented Apple technology.

Case:  Apple v. Samsung, No. 11-cv-1846LHK



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