UC Sues to Protect CEB Trademark

The University of California Regents accused a legal advisory services firm, The Corporate Executive Board Co. of infringing UC’s trademark for its Continuing Education of the Bar.

The lawsuit, filed Thursday in San Francisco, accused the Arlington, Virginia-based company of rebranding its legal offerings as CEB Legal, CEB Legal Leadership Council and CEBLegalLeadershipAcademy to take advantage of UC’s 60-year use of the CEB trademark to promote its legal education programs.

The university states that its CEB program, founded in 1947, was designed to cultivate professional development of California lawyers.  It operates the www.CEB.com website providing a variety of legal education services.

“Defendant’s infringing CEB marks are identical or virtually identical in appearance, sound and commercial impression to plaintiffs CEB mark,” the complaint states.  And the Corporate Executive Board Co. uses the CEB name on closely related goods and services, according to the suit.

The lawsuit accuses the Board of attempting to copyright CEB.com but later abandoning the effort and then contacted UC in June 2012 to buy the Internet name.  UC refused, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit asks that the company be barred from use of the name and ordered to pay damages and disgorge any profits from use of the trademark.

Case: Regents of UC v. The Corporate Executive Board Co., No. C-14-885



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