AMD Files Patent Claims Against LG Electronics

High-tech firm Advanced Micro Devices Inc. has sued Korean electronics giant LG Electronics Inc. for alleged infringement of nine patents used to improve video processing, battery life and graphics in smartphones, tablets and other consumer devices.

The lawsuit, filed Wednesday in federal court in San Francisco, accuses LG of infringing the AMD patents through sales of its consumer electronics, from TVs to smartphones, tablets and computer-savvy appliances.

AMD is seeking declarations that the nine patents were willfully infringed and to order LG to pay triple damages if willful infringement is found.

The nine patents cover technology for prolonging the battery life and allowing for smaller batteries in mobile devices; improved graphics processor; a USB controller with direct memory access; an apparatus to control background video display and a method for data streams carrying multimedia programs.

“We believe LG is infringing those nine patents,” said Michael Silverman, an AMD spokesman.

He said AMD “typically explores mutually agreement packages” for patent licensing, “but sometimes litigation is the only way to be justly compensated.”

AMD, a Sunnyvale, California-based company, is a $5 billion a year company that has pioneered computer processor design and related technologies that allow for high-definition video, graphics and other features on electronic devices.

LG Electronics, is based in Seoul but has offices in San Diego and is a $53 billion a year global firm with home entertainment, mobile communications and home appliance businesses, according to the company website.

Case: Advanced Micro Devices Inc v. LG Electronics Inc, No. 14-cv-1012.



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