Urban Tortilla That’s Not Kosher

The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations claims a fast food restaurant called Urban Tortilla is using a trademark that will be confused with the Union’s mark designating food as kosher under Jewish dietary laws.

In a lawsuit filed Friday, the Union seeks to block Urban Tortilla’s use of the symbol of a circle with the letter “U” in the center that the Orthodox Union has used since 1925 on food and food-related products.

Urban Tortilla, which operates a fast food restaurant at the San FranciscoAirport, is not a certified kosher restaurant, nor is the food it sells, according to the complaint.

“By including the OU mark on its product, UT is unlawfully deceiving actual and potential customers into believing the products it serves are certified as kosher by the Orthodox Union when, in fact… they are not,” the suit states.

The Union said it sent a letter to UT on March 6 demanding that it stop use of the trademark, but UT has not responded, according to the lawsuit.

The complaint alleges trademark infringement, dilution of a famous trademark and unfair competition.

The lawsuit was assigned to U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer.

Case: Union of  Orthodox Jewish Congregations v. Urban Tortilla Inc., No. 14-1425CRB


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