Chanel Sniffs Out Counterfeit Claim

Famed fashion and perfume house Chanel has gone after a suspected counterfeiter of the Chanel interlocking C’s logo in a copyright lawsuit filed Thursday in federal court in San Francisco.

Chanel Inc. named Johnny Pang, with businesses A&C Fashion and Backstreet Bags, of Oakland, in a copyright suit claiming Pang has allegedly sold counterfeit versions of Chanel double C’s on cell phone cases, handbags, wallets, costume jewelry, watches, scarves and clothing.

Chanel, named for the famed designer Coco Chanel, accused Pang of trademark counterfeiting and infringement of the Chanel logo in promotion, advertising and sale of goods.

The lawsuit seeks an injunction against future use of the Chanel trademark and destruction of goods illegally carrying the trademark.

The lawsuit has asked for $2 million in damages for each counterfeit Chanel mark used and product sold.

Case: Chanel v. Pang, No. 14-2482

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