Apple Wins Golden Bridge Phone Patent Fight

A federal jury in San Jose deliberated two days before siding with Apple Inc. Monday in a patent infringement case, holding the iPhone and iPad do not infringe a Golden Bridge Technology Inc. patent that allows cellphones to communicate with base stations.

It was not a total Apple victory. The verdict in the eight-day trial rejected Apple’s claim the GBT patent should be invalidated.

GBT had argued its patent, adopted in 1998 as a standard-essential patent, enhanced the efficiency of data transmitted in 3G mobile devices.  The patent is known as a “multicode patent” that relates to 3G compliant mobile devices using Universal Mobile Telecommunications System, (UMTS), technology.

GBT argued that Apple used its UMTS technology beginning in 2008 with its iPhone 3G release and continues to use the UMTS compliant 3G networks and that its iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and iPad 2nd Generation violate the patent.

Jurors disagreed and found for Apple.

Case:  Golden Bridge Technology Inc. v. Apple Inc., No. 12-cv-4882PSG




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