New Corruption Charges Added Against Former SFPD Officers

Federal prosecutors have added two new charges  to the existing corruption indictment of two former San Francisco police officers, Ian Furminger and Edmond Robles, based on the testimony of a third officer indicted at the same time.

The superseding nine-count indictment filed Friday added wire fraud and theft of honest services, to the extortion, theft, and conspiracy to distribute drugs and conspiracy against civil rights already pending.

Earlier this month a third officer, Reynaldo Vargas pleaded guilty to four counts of conspiracy to distribute drugs and theft of property and agreed to testify against the other two.

Although the trial date was looming, set for Nov. 3, Assistant U.S. Attorney John Hemann warned U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer, there could be more charges based on Vargas’ statements to investigators.

All three officers worked at the Mission District station.

The original indictment, filed in February, alleges that between 2009 and 2011, the three officers conspired to distribute marijuana, as well as conspiring to steal money, a computer, electronic devices, gift cards and other items from suspects during searches or arrests.

Among the items allegedly stolen were a $500 Apple gift card, an iPhone and iPod, as well as taking marijuana for their on benefit, according to the indictment.

In March 2009, Vargas allegedly delivered marijuana to two informants and told them to sell the pot and split the sale proceeds with him, Furminger and Robles.

Furminger alone faces a separate charge of extortion of a federal informant.

The new allegations accuse both Furminger and Robles of depriving the city of their honest services through bribery, kickbacks and concealment of material information.

As for the wire fraud, the pair are accused of exchanging text messages in 2011 and 2012 in an effort to carry out the fraud, according to the indictment.

Case: U.S. v. Furminger, No. 14-cr-102CRB

Photo: KTVU




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