Feds Seek Max for Corrupt SF Cop

The government asked a federal judge to sentence corrupt San Francisco cop Ian Furminger to the max Friday, calling his conduct “reprehensible – ranging from criminal to juvenile.”

In December, a federal jury convicted Furminger and Edmond Robles of conspiracy to violate the civil rights of suspects by theft of computers, gift cards and money for their own benefit.  Both officers worked in the Mission Station. In addition they were both convicted of two counts of wire fraud.

U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer indicated Thursday, in refusing Furminger’s request for a new trial, that he is likely to impose a three-year sentence, rather than six to eight years priviously sought by prosecutors, according to the Chronicle.

Assistant U.S. Attorney John Hemann asked that Furminger be sentenced at the “high end” of the Sentencing Guideline range without specifying a specific term in the most recent court papers.  “A downward variance for Ian Furminger is not appropriate,” Hemann told Breyer in papers filed Friday.

Furminger and his partner were responsible for hunting street-level drug dealers in the Tenderloin and Mission districts and arresting them.

Instead, he was “careening around the Mission and Tenderloin” with Robles and a third officer “stealing money and property, sawing police call boxes off lamp posts, and throwing fireworks out of his car,” Hemann wrote.

In his off-duty time he launched racist and sexist texts to his friends, Hemann said.

“Some defendants have earned, through a life of good works marred by limited but significant errors in judgment, a break. Defendant Furminger is not one of those people,” he said.

Breyer has set February 23 as Furminger’s sentencing date.

Case:  U.S. v. Furminger, No. 14-102CRB




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