New Judge Snags Baseball Antitrust Wage Suit

One of the newest federal judges on California’s Northern District bench, Haywood Gilliam, just got an interesting new assignment – the antitrust claims by minor league baseball players against Major League Baseball and the various teams.

Judge Vince Chhabria disqualified himself Monday without explanation and the case was reassigned to Judge Gilliam.

The lawsuit is one of a series of salary disputes challenging MLB’s treatment of minor league baseball players.

In this case, Sergio Miranda and three other minor leaguers accused the baseball commissioner and MLB teams of violating the Sherman Antitrust Act by allegedly illegally suppressing minor league players’ salaries.

Instead of allowing draftees to sell their services to the highest bidder MLB forces them to negotiate with a single team and thus artificially cuts pay and signing bonuses, according to the lawsuit.

Initial response to the complaint is due May 14, according to an order by Gilliam.  No date was set for the next court appearance.

Case Miranda v. Office of the Commissioner of Baseball, No. 14-cv-5349HJG


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