Orrick’s Chin Up For Home Gym

Plaintiffs in a class action took it on the chin last week when a federal judge dismissed their claims that a doorway pull-up bar had a defect that caused it to detach from the door frame during workouts.

U.S. District Judge William Orrick tossed the case against Implus Footcare’s “Perfect Multi-Gym,” a fitness bar that is installed over the top of a doorframe to allow users to perform pull-ups and chin-ups.

The bar requires the user’s weight to hold it in place.  The suit by lead plaintiff Matthew Weininger alleged that users’ leverage on the bar naturally causes them to swing legs forward on the way up and back on the way down, creating a pendulum-like swing that may cause the bar to release causing the user to fall.

The company argued that Weininger did not say the Multi-Gym failed to work as intended, or that he used it.  Nor did the suit show that any of the thousands of Mult-Gym users had been injured.

Orrick agreed and dismissed the lawsuit.

.Case: Weininger v. Implus Footcare, No. 15-cv-1375WHO




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