Oracle Gets $58 Million Settlement

Oracle won a nearly $58 million settlement of its copyright claims against TeriX Computer Co., according to an order filed in federal court last week.

In 2014, Oracle accused TeriX, Maintech and three other firms of copyright violations by offering customer support for Oracle’s Unix-based Solaris operating system, using Oracle’s proprietary server support materials and updates.

TeriX and Maintech made counterclaims that Oracle violated antitrust law by squeezing them out of the third-party aftermarket in support services.

In May Maintech agreed to pay Oracle $14 million to settle the claims. TeriX agreed last week to pay $57.7 million to settle Lanham Act and computer fraud claims.  The firm will also be barred for providing support of any kind to Oracle customers.

For its counterclaims of antitrust and unfair competition, TeriX receives nothing, according to the order signed by U.S. District Judge Paul Grewal.

The decision resolves all claims between them, according to the order.

Case: Oracle America Inc. v. TeriX Computer, No. 13-cv-3385


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