Dozen Murders Charged in Norteno Gang Indictment

Nine alleged gang members accused of a dozen murders, racketeering and armed bank robberies face a 73-count indictment Friday following a federal investigation called “Operation Daybreak.”

The men are allegedly members of the Salinas-based Norteno gang.

The indictment accused the defendants of 12 murders, seven attempted murders and seven bank robberies over a two year period.

The men are accused of hunting down and shooting rival gang members and others suspected of being gang rivals.  One of the killings occurred on the campus of Alisal High School in Salinas.

Those accused include Dandiel Chavez, 33, Victor Skates, 26, Eduardo Lebrong, 36, Eder Torres, 29, Julian Ruiz, 26, Antonio Cruz, 28, Terrell Golden, 24, Anthony Lek, 28 and Robert Loera, 35.

U.S. v. Chavez, No. 15-cr-285


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