Uber Settles Airport Fee Overchare Suit

Ride-sharing service, Uber, will pay nearly $1.8 million to settle claims it wrongfully charged riders toll fees for rides to California airports.

The preliminary approval of the class action settlement was approved last week and made publicly available Monday by Magistrate Judge Maria Elena James.

The class covers roughly 356,000 riders between June 2010 and Nov. 2015 who used their Uber accounts for transport to a California airport and paid an “airport fee toll.”

Uber agreed to refund or credit Uber accounts for the $4 fee charged as an improper toll, according to the deal.

The Uber customers will not be required to submit a claim form.

Uber Technologies, which was founded in 2009, created a mobile phone “Uber” software application or “app” that allows riders to link to drivers in the area willing to pick them up and drive them to their destination.  The convenience and speed of the ride-sharing service has cut into the taxi industry.

Uber denied that it charged the airport fees wrongfully.

A fairness hearing for approval of the final settlement is set for April 21, 2016.

Case: Tadepalli v. Uber, No. 15-4348




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