Fresno’s Dog Pound Gang Neutered

Eighteen people, most of them allegedly members of Fresno’s Dog Pound Gang, were charged Thursday with a conspiracy to murder rival gang members, sex trafficking, firearms and drug trafficking offenses.

Federal prosecutors say 12 of the 18 people were members of the DPG and engaged in a conspiracy to aid racketeering between March and April 2016, as well as allegedly engaging in a violent crimes that included trafficking in women by force and coercion for prostitution. The prostitution operated allegedly in Fresno County and other areas of the United States.

Some of the 18 were accused of making counterfeit credit cards and encoding them with stolen credit account information.  The cards were then allegedly used at banks, casinos, retail stores, gas stations and other businesses in California, Nevada, Oregon, Minnesota, Illinois and Missouri.

Those charged with conspiracy to murder rivals include James York, 39, Trenell Monson, 29, Deandre Stanfill, 36, Darrell Maxey, 20, Davon Millro, 22, Kenneth Wharry, 33, Kenneth Johnson, 26, Kiandre Johnson, 23, Anthony Windfield, 30, and William Lee, 39.

York, Monson and Maxey were also accused of sex trafficking by force.

The indictment was unsealed Friday, but agents arrested a majority of defendants on April 21 while serving search warrants. Agents seized $50,000 in cash, 17 vehicles, including a Bentley, a party bus and a boat.

Of the three facing the most serious charges, York, Monson and Maxey, if convicted they face 15 years to life in prison, according to the government.

Case: US v. York, No. 16-CR-69 (Eastern District of California)



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