‘Goliath’ Role for Judge Kozinski

If you haven’t caught up with Amazon’s dark new legal drama ‘Goliath’ check out the real-life legal big guy, Judge Alex Kozinski, of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeal, who holds forth during one scene in episode 3.

The hard-boiled detective and legal drama stars Billy Bob Thornton as a once great civil attorney, Billy McBride, who somehow melted down into alcoholism and ambulance chasing but is on his way to redemption. He’s up against William Hurt as the arch villain Donald Cooperman and name partner at McBride’s former firm.

Cooperman, who is McBride’s opposition in a mysterious wrongful death suit, sits in a darkened room incessantly clicking a small hand clicker reprising the way Humphrey Bogart toyed with steel balls as Commander Queeg in The Caine Mutiny.

Kozinski shows up, playing himself, having lunch with a state court judge who has been thwarting McBride’s efforts to pursue the wrongful death case. The state judge, [Harold Perrineau] described as Kozinski’s former law clerk, grouses about working in state court.  Kozinski tells him being chief judge of the 9th Circuit was no piece of cake.

Cooperman shows up to warm greetings by Kozinski, as Cooperman makes a not-so-subtle suggestion that the state judge may have a shot at a federal judgeship. Once Cooperman leaves, the judge asks his mentor, Kozinski, if he should report the comment.

We won’t give away Kozinski’s response to the ethics question.  See for yourself in Goliath on Amazon.

This isn’t Kozinski’s first time on a set.  His credits list him as an actor known for “Strictly Courtroom” in 2008 and “Claiming the Title: Gay Olympics on Trial,” 2009 and “60 Minutes” in 1968.

Prior to joining the bench he also made an appearance on Dating Game as one of the three competing bachelors.

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