Ivanka Trump Brand Faces Unfair Competition Suit

San Francisco boutique clothing store has filed a class action against Ivanka Trump’s clothing and accessory company accusing the firm of using the White House cache to bolster its sales, to the disadvantage of competitors.

Modern Appealing Clothing, MAC, alleges that the Ivanka Trump branded products have surged in sales by “several hundred percent” since her father was elected President, according to the San Francisco Superior Court case filed last week.

MAC has operated two women’s clothing shops in San Francisco for nearly 40 years, but the trendy designs are known around the world, according to the complaint.

The lawsuit seeks class status to represent all women’s clothing and accessory companies operated in California between November 16, 2016 and the 2017 election.

The suit alleges unfair competition and conspiracy to seek an unfair economic advantage.  The boutique owners are asking for a temporary restraining order to bar the Ivanka Trump brand from competition in California by using its alleged advantage.  The class would also seek damages in the form of restitution.

Case: Modern Appealing Clothing v. Ivanka Trump Marks, No. CGC 17-557575

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