Trump Taps Obama Nominee for Idaho Court

Among the 10 judicial nominees President Donald Trump announced Monday, one was the renomination of an Idaho state judge previously tapped by former President Obama, but who never came up for a vote.

Judge David Nye

Idaho Judge David Nye was named to fill one of Idaho’s long-vacant federal judgeships. Nye is backed by the state’s two Republican senators and received unanimous support in the Senate Judiciary Committee after his hearing. But political wrangling in the waning days of the Obama Administration prevented Nye’s name from coming up for a vote.

Idaho had just one active federal judge since 2015 when Judge Edward Lodge took senior status, a form of partial retirement allowing judges to reduce their caseloads.

Both Idaho senators Mike Crapo and Jim Risch had negotiated with the Obama administration for 18 months before agreeing Nye was an acceptable nominee for both sides.

Nye, 58, has been a state judge since 2007 and while in private practice he specialized in medical malpractice and insurance law for 20 years. He has a law degree from Brigham Young University.


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